Cam Smith Reveals 'Cannon,' Premieres Gory "Mad Crack" Video

Cam Smith Reveals 'Cannon,' Premieres Gory 'Mad Crack' Video
After going "Turbo" on us earlier this summer, Haligonian rhymer Cam Smith has announced he's ready to explode via the release of his upcoming full-length, Cannon.

The rapper's next release arrives September 30, and the 12-song set is said to find the MC/producer working the mic atop 808 beats, "echoing synths" and various samples. Along with the juiced-up "Turbo," here dubbed "The Sun or the Fall Turbo," the album dabbles in dancehall rhythms ("Nonsense") and more.

Guests attached to the set include "Turbo" partner XXX CLVR, Kayo, Laura Roy, Nicole Ariana, Critical, Thrillah, Jay Mayne, KDZ and Alfie. You'll discover who pops up on what via the tracklisting down below.

Ahead of Cannon's release, Smith has issued a video for its Rich Craft-produced "Mad Crack." Inspired by cinematic '80s horror gross-out Street Trash, though swapping out hobo-harming hooch for body-melting crack hits, the video balances footage of Cam Smith laying it down with shots of a truly awful drug trip.

You'll find the graphic clip down below, courtesy of Noisey.


1. In The Early Hours Of June 1st
2. The Sun Or The Fall Turbo (ft. XXX CLVR)
3. Niggas In The Night (ft. Thrillah)
4. Nonsense (ft. Kayo)
5. Life Is Good (ft. KDZ & Jay Mayne)
6. Mad Crack Never Say No (ft. KDZ)
7. Gold Drapes (ft. XXX CLVR)
8. Chains & Whips (ft. Kayo & Critical)
9. Feel The Same (ft. Nicole Ariana)
10. Hearts On Fire (ft. Laura Roy)
11. Meet Your Maker (ft. Alfie)
12. I Fear Myself