Cam Smith 'Cannon' (album stream)

Cam Smith 'Cannon' (album stream)
Halifax hip-hop figure Cam Smith is just about ready to explode, with his new Cannon LP set to go off later this month. Before the effort has the chance to boom out of retailers on September 30, you can check out the Maritimes MC's album in full on

A press release explains that the set was crafted throughout 2013 while the rapper was dealing with, among other things, the death of his grandfather. Shortly after apparently being asked by someone whether or not he was going to produce tunes that people could "shake their ass" to, Smith came through with a resounding "yes."

"With all the bullshit I had going on, the people just wanted something they could party too," he said in a statement. "So I did that conversation justice while also honouring my grandfather in a creative way. Audio wise, I painted the perfect picture to capture this moment."

With that in mind, the album features Smith detailing decadent, all-week benders spent with sinners on tracks like "Turbo," driving into hard-hitting dancehall territory on "Nonsense," and turning up with XXX CLVR on the strip club-set, glamour-grabbing "Gold Drapes."

You can check Smith firing off his Cannon down below.