Brian Eno Curates New Fela Kuti Box Set

BY Josiah HughesPublished Aug 12, 2014

The work of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti has been celebrated in many different ways. Among them has been a series of celebrity-curated box sets. The Roots' Questlove hand-picked a release in 2011, and that was followed by another, chosen by Ginger Baker, in 2012. The third set in the series, due next month, is set to be hand-picked by production legend and beloved musician Brian Eno.

Taking a break from penning open letters, Eno has compiled a new Fela Kuti box set. For his release, he's opted to include 1971's London Scene, 1972's Shakara , 1973's Gentleman and Afrodisiac, 1976's Zombie and Upside Down , and 1980's I.T.T..

In addition to the music, Eno's entry into the box set series will feature a 12-page booklet, including a forward from the artist himself, along with lyrics and commentary from Afrobeat expert Chris May.

Knitting Factory will release the new Fela Kuti box set on September 29. Watch Eno discuss his Fela Kuti obsession below.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

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