Bloodshot Bill

Fogtown Barber and Music Shop, St. John's NF, April 21

Photo: Vish Khanna

BY Vish KhannaPublished Apr 22, 2013

Clippers buzzed and scissors snipped at the Fogtown Barber and Music Shop for Bloodshot Bill's intimate, surprise Sunday afternoon show. It was the last in Lawnya Vawnya's successful and inspired series of pop-up shows in unconventional venues and people came out in force. "Do not hesitate to pick up some fine product on your way out," Bill intoned, motioning at his merch and the cans of pomade that surrounded him. People got riled up during his intense, stomping song about being "tongue-tied" and shook appreciatively throughout, as his voice shifted from tender baritone to demonic lizard (and, when the need arose, belching bullfrog). Local rockabilly player Clayton Yates accompanied Bill on guitar and inspired a full-on barbershop sing-along by suggesting an impromptu take on Hank Williams' "I Saw the Light." It was among the most clearly enunciated songs of the day and reflected the joy in the small room gathered to be entertained by Bloodshot Bill.

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