Bestfriend Announce New EP 'places i've left'

Watch a music video for new single "Anxious People"

Photo: Maxine Tamoto

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Jan 27, 2023

Following their debut EP places i've lived, bedroom-pop duo Bestfriend have shared details for their self-produced new EP places i've left. After initially announcing that their sophomore project would be out last summer, the duo consisting of Vancouver's Stacy Kim and Toronto's Kaelan Geoffrey have announced that the record be released on April 21 via Nettwerk

The project's second single is "Anxious People" out now with an accompanying music video. The single follows the December release of "LEMON LIME."

"'Anxious People' (named after Stacy's favourite novel by Fredrik Backman) is about all of the people that you walk past on the sidewalk, people who are on the same bus as you, that one guy you worked with during your very first retail job," shared Bestfriend in a press release.

They continued: "It's about how each of these people have lived an entire life completely outside your own; the understanding that you have no idea what any particular person has been through, and likely never will. This song started as a slower demo, but we wanted to make it into more of a frenzied song to work in tandem with its themes."

The music video for "Anxious People" (co-directed by Kim) uses distorted imagery in conjunction with everyday tasks to project the concepts of the song. Watch it below. 

places i've left:

3. Anxious People
4. Matador
5. Tuesday Waltz
6. Love Always Came So Easy for You

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