Belong October Language

Belong are a duo from New Orleans who like to drone out to the max and defrag their sounds into sweet oblivion. Their style is kind of like a meeting between the glitch electronics of the European school (Fennesz, Gas, Oval, etc.) and ambient North American peeps such as Stars of the Lid and Tim Hecker, without much trace of recognisable instruments. People who like their spacey tones laptop-free might not get into Belong as much as current drone heavyweights like Growing or Double Leopards, but they should bring sweet splendour to anyone big on warm glitch styles and soothing ambience. The tracks on October Language aren’t entirely distinguishable or markedly different from each other, but rather tread within the short-form range of four or five minutes, drift off and allow a new variant of tone to take its place. As their debut album, October Language presents Belong as a duo with some real promise behind them and a stellar sense of space surrounding. (Carpark)