Belong Tour EP

Belong <i>Tour EP</i>
Ever since it appeared on Carpark Records two years ago, Belong’s October Language has been an album that keeps coming back to me every now and then. Its February 2006 release garnered favourable reviews from all of the expected sources, but I can’t help but feel it didn’t get the appreciation it deserved. Having heard very little from the New Orleans-based duo of Turk Dietrich and Mike Jones as of late, a quick trip to their MySpace page reveals that not only do they have a new EP coming out on February 18 called Colorless Record (limited to 300 copies, each one comes with "its own unique, handmade artwork”; visit to secure yours), but they’re also planning to release another EP and an album before the end of 2008. Perhaps the best news though is that as of January 30, the band have been giving away 2006’s Tour EP (via file-sharing site Mediafire), which they sold while playing shows with Ariel Pink. Lead track "A Sunny Place For Shady People” doesn’t wander much from the swelling ambient guitar noise of October Language, but that’s hardly a disappointment. The amorphous drone flows like a fountain of reverb, streaming warm melodies that recall GAS, with flecks of hope keeping it afloat. It’s quite calming and serene — the right piece of music for drifting off to into the afterlife when your time comes.

Click here to download the Tour EP.