Beirut "No No No" (video)

Beirut 'No No No' (video)
There's seemingly so much going wrong in Beirut's new video for "No No No," taken from the upcoming album of the same name. Despite a comedy of errors, the team manages to pull off one of the more memorable videos of the last little while.

Directed by Brother Willis, the video first appears to be a simple performance clip. Piece by piece, it all falls apart, but quite humorously. Main crooner Zach Condon catches the flu halfway through the song, while other members begin hitting the bottle hard. Elsewhere, instruments magically turn into loaves of bread and tail-curling creatures, while one guy seems content to be playing a grill. Another member manages to keep his composure despite getting a steady spray of liquid shot into his eyes.

The fast-flying visuals are hammy, but enjoyable. You can peep the vid below, while No No No lands in stores September 11 via 4AD.