August Alsina "Why I Do It" (ft. Lil Wayne)

August Alsina 'Why I Do It' (ft. Lil Wayne)
New Orleans singer August Alsina has connected with hometown hero Lil Wayne for a new single called "Why I Do It." Do you want to know what motivates the pair to keep themselves in the game? Well, the single should lay things out a bit better for you.

The track itself is pretty inspirational, mixing a steady and playful thump and a swirl of flutes and brass into an optimistic arrangement. Up front, an AutoTuned Weezy explains that he makes, roughly, about a milli a week. He also tells his foes to quit ooglin' on his business, though he brags about making movies with his girlfriend. It's, uh, a bit of a mixed message.

Alsina offers a more softened up set of lines that, nonetheless, talk about enjoying the finer things in life. He's looking to win it all, apparently, so good luck on him!

You can hear the new August Alsina single down below.