Architects "Broken Cross" (video)

Architects 'Broken Cross' (video)
UK metalcore titans Architects are blasting another builder of sorts in the video for the God-questioning "Broken Cross," the second single from their upcoming Lost Forever, Lost Together LP.

Amidst CGI shots of the cosmos and an aerial view of earth, we see a series on constellations taking the shape of vocalist Sam Carter so that he can poke a few holes at humanity and its apparent creator. "Are we perfect mistakes, or almighty fuck ups?" the sentient cluster of stars screams in between shots of Westboro Baptist Church-types waving some pretty hate-filled signs.

You can ponder the meaning of existence yourself while giving the video a view down below.

As previously reported, Lost Forever, Lost Together drop in Canada March 11 through New Damage Records, with the U.S. release being handled the same day by Epitaph.