Alice Glass Shares Chilling Video for New Song "FAIR GAME"

It's the latest single from her forthcoming debut solo album

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Dec 8, 2021

On the heels of announcing her debut solo album PREY//IV last month, Alice Glass has given us another preview of the record with "Fair Game." The new single comes complete with an eerie video directed by Bryan M. Ferguson.

"Fair Game" follows most recent single "BABY TEETH," as well as earlier releases "SUFFER AND SWALLOW" and 2018's "I TRUSTED YOU."

Glass summed up the new track and video succinctly on Twitter, calling it "TRAUMA CORE [sic]" and maintaining: "Crystal Castles was. ALICE GLASS [sic] is."
The song's lyrics use the common phrases of an emotional abuser verbatim, with Glass repeating, "Where would you be without me?"

Glass added in a statement:

"FAIR GAME" is spoken from the perspective of the abuser. It's a song made of actual phrases that were used in repetition to gaslight me, to intentionally keep me confused and weakened. In those moments, I was completely convinced they represented undeniable facts. Looking back on these words now, they seem flimsy and are so obviously hiding the feelings of someone else — someone whose only power is in hurting others.

I hope I can help anyone listening to my music recognize the red flags of toxic relationships before they evolve into something worse; something that becomes embedded so deep it can transform you. "FAIR GAME" was cathartic for me to make, but also very difficult. I wrote it years ago, but couldn't even listen to it again until recently. Now I dance along and smile.

PREY//IV is slated to arrive on January 28 via Eating Glass Records.

Watch the video for "FAIR GAME" below.

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