Alex Lifeson Won't Tour with New Project Envy of None

"If it was a handful of shows, that might be kind of fun, but ... After 40 years of sitting in hotel rooms, I'm not interested"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 6, 2021

Following the completion of Rush's 40th anniversary tour, Alex Lifeson was the first of the trio to confirm that they were finished with large-scale concert tours. Now, it appears the guitarist will be taking a similar approach when it comes to his new project, Envy of None.

In conversation with Guitar Player magazine [via Blabbermouth], Lifeson was asked if there was a possibility of Envy of None performing live in the future. This past June, Lifeson shared new songs "Kabul Blues" and "Spy House," both of which were later revealed to be recorded alongside Coney Hatch's Andy Curran for the new band.

When it comes to the road, Lifeson shared that touring isn't really top of mind at the moment. "I'm not really thinking about that. It's challenging enough to try to get this album out first," he explained. "To be honest with you, I don't think I have it in me to go on the road. I mean, if it was a handful of shows, that might be kind of fun, but anything beyond that... After 40 years of sitting in hotel rooms, I'm not interested. I've had quite enough of that. I do love my home life."

"I thought I would miss being onstage a lot more, but I don't really," Lifeson added. "I've done a couple of things here and there. Small things — usually it's a charity event or something like that. It's kind of fun getting up and playing with other people, but the whole production — the big, giant machine — it doesn't really hold much appeal to me now."

As previously reported, Lifeson and Curran have completed 10 songs as Envy of None. The project also involves guitarist Alfio Annibalini and vocalist Maiah Wynne, while additional musical contributions come from drummers Tim Oxford (Arkells) and David Quinton Steinberg (Dead Boys, the Mods).

Earlier this year, Lifeson helped launch a Rush beer with Toronto's Henderson Brewing. It was recently revealed that Lifeson's longtime friend and Rush bandmate Geddy Lee is writing memoirs.

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