Adrian Teacher

"It Always Rains on Christmas"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 17, 2015

Adrian Teacher used to lead Apollo Ghosts and COOL TV, but these days he's going solo under his own name (sometimes backed by his band the Subs). With barely more than a week to go until Christmas Day, the Vancouver songwriter has served up a seasonal solo number called "It Always Rains on Christmas."

The song is a sweet, tuneful holiday ditty that mixes quirky lyrics about ugly sweaters, craft fair wine and Milky Way chocolate bars with a hint of melancholia. The easygoing pop-rock rhythms and acoustic arpeggios are overlaid with Destroyer-esque distorted leads, with the whole thing culminates in an extended jam complete with jingling sleigh bells.

Take a listen below. Payment for a download is optional; any proceeds from the track will be matched by Teacher and donated to the Refugee Sponsorship Fund.

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