'30' Billboards Spark More Adele Album Rumours

After much speculation, the billboards seem to hint that her new record is on the way
'30' Billboards Spark More Adele Album Rumours
The day after Taylor Swift's release date move sparked speculation that Adele might be dropping her new record on November 19, a series of mysterious billboards have added more fuel to the fire. 

As noted by Rolling Stone, Adele fans have spotted at least two billboards reading "30," which could very well be the title of her upcoming fourth album, following 19, 21 and 25

The billboards appear after a radio host tweeted "New Adele. This week," on Tuesday before swiftly deleting. While that hasn't happened, these billboards certainly look to be hinting at something. 

Back in 2019, Adele joked on Instagram that "30 will be a drum n bass record to spite you." While that's unlikely — but not impossible! — it does seem like whatever she's got planned may be imminent. 

Check out the billboards, plus Adele's 2019 Instagram post, below. 

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