Watch Big Thief Play Unreleased Song "Vampire Empire" on 'Colbert'

It's been part of the band's live set for a few months now
Watch Big Thief Play Unreleased Song 'Vampire Empire' on 'Colbert'
Big Thief have been on a legendary roll for the last six or so years, and the band's productivity train shows no signs of slowing down — on last night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the four-piece (joined by a flute player) debuted an unreleased song called "Vampire Empire," which has been part of their live set for a couple months now. 

The song, like pretty much all Big Thief songs, is really great; it's another country-tinged rocker with some noodling flute and really lovely harmonies, and this performance sees Adrienne Lenker let loose a couple growling shrieks. 

Big Thief are fun to see on late night because they somehow seem perfectly at home and completely out of place. They manage to bring a loose, casual intensity to these weird sound stages, and you always get the feeling that some teen viewers (or, maybe more likely, their parents) were probably just introduced to their new favourite band. Lenker rocked a hoodie and big jacket and shouted out her meemaw, while drummer James Krivchenia donned a shimmery lamé blouse. Fashion! 

The band's last album was 2022's Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You. They're touring through the summer, with a stop at Vancouver's Orpheum Theatre in August. 

Check out their performance of "Vampire Empire" below.