'The Simpsons' Predicted This Week's Big 'Game of Thrones' Twist

'The Simpsons' Predicted This Week's Big 'Game of Thrones' Twist
Warning: spoilers ahead if you're not up to date on Game of Thrones. But you've had two whole days to catch up!

The Simpsons has managed to predict just about everything in our modern life, from Canada's legal weed to the Disney-Fox merger to Tycho album art. And while the show may have aired its lowest-rated episode this week, it was also tied to one of the week's most popular shows, Game of Thrones.

Everyone that is caught up on their Thrones knows that Daenerys Targaryen took a twisted turn in the latest episode, letting her dragon loose on King's Landing in a bid for the Iron Throne.

It was a shocking twist for Thrones fans except for the fact that, well, The Simpsons predicted it. In the show's 2017 Thrones parody "The Serfsons," they had a near identical scene.

Watch the scene in question below, and stay tuned for more ways that the show mirrors our real life as they inevitably unfold.