The AI-Generated 'Seinfeld' Is Haunting

What's the deal with 'Nothing, Forever'?

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 3, 2023

Seinfeld always had a bit of a dark side compared to other sitcoms, but it pales in comparison next to Nothing, Forever, the AI-generated show that has become a surprise success.

Created by Mismatch Media, Nothing, Forever runs 24/7 on Twitch. There are no reruns, since it always features new content created through AI and machine learning. Every part of it is original, apart from the logo and the laugh track.

Vice notes that Nothing, Forever had around 100 followers earlier this week; as of this writing, that number is up to 98,100, there are are just shy of 10,000 people currently watching the stream.

It's a haunting, nonsensical show, bearing the superficial hallmarks of Seinfeld (like the standup sets and the conversations in apartments) but none of the punchlines or comic timing. Just see this clip posted to Twitter by @queenbiscuit311, which features "Larry" speculating about what happens when you die.

Tune into the Nothing, Forever stream here, and brace yourself for an uncanny experience.

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