Don't Ask Larry David About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

More than just Elmo set him off on his 'Today' appearance

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 2, 2024

The list of Larry David's beefs has grown exponentially over the last day. We have trouble believing he'll get invited back to Today any time soon — not only because he attacked Elmo, but also because of his icy response towards America's sweethearts, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

In beginning his conversation with the show's hosts, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, he said he was down to discuss "anything they wanted to talk about." Except that wasn't entirely true, as there was one topic he told producers to avoid entirely. Of course, his invitation voided that earlier agreement.

"You said, 'Let’s talk about anything, but there’s one thing I don’t want to talk about,' so let’s start there," Guthrie antagonized. "What do you think about Travis and Taylor?"

Ever the old man who yells at cloud, David was displeased: “You’ve really got a nerve. You’ve really got a nerve."

After Kotb said he brings it out of her and Guthrie, David continued. "I used the S-word once before on this show some years ago, and I’m prepared to use it again in answer to that question. And I think you know it's I don’t give a ..."

David got cut off before he could bring profanities to daytime TV once again, with Guthrie ad-libbing "a Schnoodle."

The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator may be especially salty these days, perhaps because his show is entering its final season. Hopefully, no Sesame Street characters were harmed in the making of Curb's finale.

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