Mr. Right Directed by Paco Cabezas

Mr. Right Directed by Paco Cabezas
Courtesy of VVS
Anna Kendrick has already proven herself a multi-talented actress, but the Pitch Perfect star may have just pulled off her most varied, uncharacteristic and unusual performance yet in Mr. Right, an action/romantic comedy hybrid that finds the Hollywood star at her most effervescent.
Following a night of heavy drinking in order to forget her cheat of an ex-boyfriend, Martha (Kendrick) meets a mysterious man (played by Sam Rockwell) at a convenience store who happens to have super fast reflexes (their introduction occurs after Kendrick bumps into a stack of condoms, causing the prophylactics to almost awkwardly rain down upon them, though Rockwell's character is able to catch almost every one).
Strange as he may seem, Martha finds something intriguing about him — maybe his honesty (he admits to being a little weird), or his humour (he says he works as a hit man) — and decides to take the nameless stranger up on his date request. Martha thinks she might have found Mr. Right (get it?), but there's just one catch: he actually is a hit man, one who's currently being hunted down by both his ex-boss (Tim Roth) and a violent gang.
Fans of last year's action-packed American Ultra looking for a Saturday night date movie with a similar feel won't be disappointed, as screenwriter Max Landis (American Ultra, Chronicle) has turned in another gory, over-the-top comedy. Watching Rockwell blast away bad guys and Kendrick perfect her craft and take down a creepy criminal in one of the film's more memorable scenes is a delight; if anything, it could be more gruesome, with a bit too much of the movie focusing on Rockwell's character's eccentricities, when watching the pair fight alongside one another is far more fun.
Still, for its stellar leads and entertaining story, Mr. Right is an enjoyable watch; you really can't go wrong with this one next time you're looking through the latest VOD selections late at night.