'Jeopardy!' Clue Legend Macaulay Culkin Lost 'Celebrity Jeopardy!' by $1

BY Nika Petrosian Published Nov 16, 2023

After being a Jeopardy! clue himself 42 times, actor Macaulay Culkin finally made his debut on the game show as a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy!

Culkin was up against fellow actor and comedian Rachel Dratch and WWE wrestler Becky Lynch, and flexed his knowledge on a wide variety of topics in categories like "Mother Goose Police Plotter" and "Science Museums," dominating in the "Competitive Cheerleading" category.

He was also particularly fond of the "Six Degrees of Actual Bacon" category, which featured questions solely about dishes containing bacon.

Culkin also shared that in order to prepare for Celebrity Jeopardy!, his fiancée Brenda Song would quiz him relentlessly in the time leading up to the show.

"Like, whether I was in the mood or not, she just kept on asking me questions [like it was] a normal day," he told host Ken Jennings. Apparently, Song had written a bunch of flashcards and even tried bringing them on their ride to the studio.

"She threatened to bring them on the ride over here and I was like, 'Enough is enough! I'm already nervous," he joked with the Jennings.

When it came time for the Final Jeopardy!, Culkin wagered all his money on the clue: "Exhumed in 2017 to settle a paternity suit, his moustache had 'preserved its classic 10-past-10 position' according to the Spanish press." The answer is Salvador Dali, and when he answered correctly, Culkin brought his total to $33,600.

This victory was extremely short-lived, however, as Dratch had also answered the question correctly, but calculated her wager so that she'd beat Culkin by $1, bringing her grand total to $33,601.

Watch the Final Jeopardy! clip below.

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