Kid Cudi's Vibey 'Entergalactic' Film Stands Alone

Directed by Fletcher Moules

Starring Kid Cudi, Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Ty Dolla $ign, Vanessa Hudgens, Laura Harrier, Macaulay Culkin, Jaden Smith

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Rachel HoPublished Sep 30, 2022

Originally announced as a TV series, Kid Cudi's visual accompaniment to his latest album, Entergalactic, is a visually rich, vibe-y rom-com. It includes some great vocal performances and beautiful animation that elevates its simple love story, making Entergalactic more than an extended music video or publicity stunt for Cudi's album — it's a well-thought-out and excellently produced film.

Set in a magical pastel-neon New York City, Entergalactic follows Jabari (Cudi), a young graffiti artist who just landed a new gig turning his street art into comic book art. After hooking up with his ex, Carmen (Laura Harrier), Jabari realizes he needs a fresh start to focus on this career pivot. All of this goes out the window when he meets his new neighbour, Meadow (Jessica Williams). An artist herself, Meadow is a photographer and the perfect yang to Jabari's yin. The two soon fall in love, but, of course, not without having to navigate the growing pains of a new relationship. The story of Entergalactic is simple and often visited in film and television, but it's this simple, generic quality that allows the world to truly sing.

None of the twists and turns in Entergalactic will be a surprise to anyone who has seen at least one rom-com in their life. However, the building of the relationship between Jabari and Meadow is one of the more realistic and grounded depictions of how to do that in a healthy manner, especially in the modern age. The dialogue isn't corny and the humour is simultaneously clever and broad.

Entergalactic has a great cast of voice actors, including particularly funny turns from Timothée Chalamet and Vanessa Hudgens as friends of Jabari and Meadow, respectively. (The cameo from Macaulay Culkin is also a delightful highlight.) But it's Jessica Williams who shines as the free-spirited Meadow, delivering strength and comedy in spades. Cudi, no stranger to the acting game anymore, is a natural as Jabari and a strong compass for the rest of the film to follow.

Cudi and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris offer a fantastical version of a city typically either over-sanitized or covered in grit. Using rotoscope-like animation, Jabari's NYC comes to life with bright colours and vibrant textures that captures the young man's perspective and imagination perfectly. Cudi's music is interspersed throughout the film and, unsurprisingly given the nature of this project, works really well with the visuals and storyline. It should be made clear, though, that the film is not like Beyonce's Lemonade, which weaved together music videos for her album. Entergalactic is a film that stands alone from the album, with each elevating the other.

The selling point of Entergalactic to non-Kid Cudi fans is a well-executed vibe movie that feels akin to putting a record on and relaxing on a rainy evening in. The story of Jabari and Meadow may be one we all know very well, but it's the world of Entergalactic that captures the imagination, sonically and visually.

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