Hollywood Tropes Assemble in the New 'Transformers' Trailer

Hollywood Tropes Assemble in the New 'Transformers' Trailer
Now that Transformers are real, it seems a little redundant for Hollywood to keep cranking out Transformers movies. Regardless, there's yet another one on its way next year. Transformers: The Last Knight will be Michael Bay's final film in the franchise, though the movies are expected to keep trickling out for eternity.

Today, we get our first taste of The Last Knight, and it features all of the eye-rolling, self-serious tropes that are present in most Hollywood outings these days.

There's some existential bullshit acted out by Anthony Hopkins, who truly seems like he accidentally walked into the wrong soundstage while looking for Westworld. There's also a morose cover of a pop song (this time it's the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize??" remade with autotune and sad piano).

Further, to remind you that you are watching a Transformers movie, there are shots of Mark Wahlberg looking over his leather jacketed shoulder like a rogue badass. Then there are the robot fights, all clinking metal and dubstep sound effects.

Yes, the final Michael Bay Transformers movie has all the makings of a Michael Bay Transformers movie. You can watch its trailer below.