The Michael Bay-Produced 'Songbird' Looks Like Pure Trashy COVIDsploitation

Watch the trailer for the movie — which stars Archie from 'Riverdale' — now

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 29, 2020

The ripple effects of 2020 are going to be seen across the globe for years and decades to come, and along with the financial and social turmoil, that means we're also going to get a lot of bad art about it. There are already numerous TV shows that have been rushed into production, and now we get a look at the first godawful thriller of the coronavirus era.

Songbird was produced by Michael Bay and directed by Adam Mason, a man who is best known for making a series of latter-era Alice in Chains videos. The movie stars KJ Apa (a.k.a. sexy Archie from Riverdale) alongside Bradley Whitford, Jenna Ortega, Demi Moore and Alexandra Daddario.

Set in the not-so-distant future, the film follows the chaos that ensues when a mutated version of the coronavirus — called COVID-23 — wreaks havoc on the world. The trailer promises flashes of dystopian tropes, but it's really just pure trashy COVIDsploitation.

The worst thing about it is that we're all probably going to watch this turd when it comes out. Until then, dig into the Songbird trailer below.

So far, there is no firm release date for Songbird.

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