FOX Is Developing Another 'Simpsons' Movie

There are also 'Family Guy' and 'Bob's Burgers' movies in the works
FOX Is Developing Another 'Simpsons' Movie
The Simpsons is the longest running scripted series of all time, so no matter how much you scoff at its supposed dip in quality, there's no stopping it from sticking around. In fact, producers are reportedly developing a second movie.

The first Simpsons movie came out in 2007. Since then, producers have hinted at a sequel but never really confirmed anything. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, a sequel is in its early development stages from FOX.

The report also indicated that FOX is working on a Family Guy movie that might blend live-action with animation. The network is also hard at work on the previously announced Bob's Burgers flick.

If they do get around to making another Simpsons movie, here's hoping they figure out the whole Apu situation before releasing it to theatres.