Watch Brendan Fraser Get Teary-Eyed as He Receives a Six-Minute Standing Ovation

His comeback film 'The Whale' premiered at the Venice Film Festival this weekend

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Sep 6, 2022

The Brennaissance is finally in full swing as Brendan Fraser's comeback film The Whale premiered at Venice International Film Festival on Sunday (September 4). Following the film's screening, it was met with a six-minute-long standing ovation — leading to some wholesome waterworks from Fraser himself. 

Absent from the public eye for much of the last decade, Fraser has been making a slow return to the spotlight with the support of seemingly the entire internet. As the credits hit the Sala Grande Theatre's screen, he was already sniffly, with the insistence that he get up and bow being enough to send him into full-blown tears.

The Whale follows Fraser's character Charlie, an English teacher with a good heart who weighs 600 pounds. Casting for the film reportedly took 10 years, as director Darren Aronofsky considered all of his options. "Casting Charlie was a huge challenge. I considered everyone. Every single movie star on the planet. But none of it really clicked. … It didn't move me. It didn't feel right," he said [via Global News]. After seeing Fraser in a "low-budget Brazilian movie," his choice was made clear.

Fraser is also set to star in Martin Scorcese's upcoming Killers of the Flower Moon. With Oscar-nomination rumours for The Whale already swirling, it must make it easier for him to sweep the Batgirl axing under the rug (at least Kevin Smith can be vindicated at last).

Watch a partial video of the standing ovation below.
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