Martin Scorsese Says Brendan Fraser Had Perfect "Girth" for 'Killers of the Flower Moon'

Scorsese loved the way he filled out the frame

Photo: Neil Grabowsky

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 3, 2023

Actor and Upper Canada College survivor Brendan Fraser is only in Killers of the Flower Moon for around seven minutes, but, according to Martin Scorsese, his impact is larger than his screen time would suggest. 

One scene in particular stood out to the director, who told Variety that, despite critics perceiving his performance as over-the-top, Fraser was "perfect" in his role as antagonist Bill Hale's (Robert De Niro) lawyer. 

"We thought he'd be great for the lawyer and I admired his work over the years," Scorsese said. "Particularly in the scene where he says, 'They're putting a noose around your neck, he's saving you dumb boy.'

"Really for us, when we heard that … he brought the whole scene down on Leo. It was perfect," he continued. "And he had that girth. He's big in the frame at that time. He's a wonderful actor and he was just great to work with."

Killers of the Flower Moon is Fraser's first performance since his Oscar-winning turn in The Whale. Along with the negative reviews of his performance, the film has also been critiqued by members of the Indigenous community for its portrayal of the Osage Nation

See Fraser as W.S. Hamilton in the below trailer for Killers of the Flower Moon, in theatres now.

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