Nathan Fielder Was a Pouty Canuck at Playoff Game 5

He's petitioning for referee rights

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 17, 2024

When he's not busy being fun, relaxed and easy-going, Nathan Fielder loves to have a bad time at sports games. At first, his sulky ways were reserved for the New York Mets, but now, he's also been a grumpy pants while supporting his hometown during the NHL playoffs.

Fielder was spotted on the jumbotron at Game 5 of the playoffs between the Vancouver Canucks and Edmonton Oilers last night (May 16). He looked pretty miserable despite being in a Canucks jersey, which is — as usual — a bit confusing considering they won 3–2 over the Oilers.

At another point in the game, he was seen holding up a hand-written sign with passion that read, "LET'S BE NICE TO THE REFS. THEY HAVE A HARD JOB." Somehow, this makes this story all the more Canadian. Watch the footage below.

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