Nathan Fielder Shows Up as Real, "Relaxed" Self with Emma Stone on 'Kimmel'

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Nov 17, 2023

Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (November 16) in support of The Curse, and for once we got a look at the real Fielder, so he says.

Sporting small, circular sunglasses, a beret, a cross necklace and a fuzzy jacket, the comedian shared that he's finally appearing as his authentic self: "You might be confused because I've been on your show before, but I'm doing a character. But this is me," he told Kimmel. 

The bit was a response to a New York Times review of The Curse, which applauds Stone's performance, but calls Fielder "stiff" and an actor with "limited range." The latter made Kimmel read much of the review on air.

"I don't think they get what acting is," Fielder commented. "They don't seem to get, they call it, 'limited range, stiff' — that's the character, brother. They don't get that I'm playing a stiff, nerdy guy, which as you can see, is very different than the real me. In real life, I'm very relaxed."

At some point, Fielder gets Kimmel to call The Times to see if they'll correct the review, and even wrote a message for him to leave on the paper's answering machine. "I happen to know Nathan personally, and he's one of the loosest guys I've ever met — and a hardcore lesbian." Fielder then leans over to say he meant "thespian." 

As we know all too well as critics ourselves — that correction will never happen, though only a very chill man would send mayonnaise to a table as a gift. At least whoever checks the Arts Department of The Times' voicemail has a water cooler story for the office this morning. 

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