Nathan Fielder Shares 'Flipanthropy' Pilot from 'The Curse'

Whitney and Asher's fictional HGTV show now has a very real pilot

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 15, 2023

Nathan Fielder's new show The Curse follows a couple as they prepare to launch their own HGTV show, and now the writer-actor has shared a pilot episode for that fictional series, Flipanthropy.

The nine-minute episode features Whitney (Emma Stone) and Asher (Fielder) Siegel renovicting a woman living in a house in Española, NM. The new resident, who has moved there from the Bay Area, levels the old property in order to construct a more eco-conscious new home with a mirrored exterior.

It's all a rather grim, cringe-inducing look at gentrification, featuring lots of Gandhi-quoting and self-congratulating. Watch the Flipanthropy trailer below.

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