Flavor Flav Gives a Big "Fuck You" to Eric Andre

Flavor Flav Gives a Big 'Fuck You' to Eric Andre
At this point, you'd think guests would know what to expect from Eric Andre when they pop up on his show. But this doesn't seem to be the case with hip-hop figure Flavor Flav.

After appearing on The Eric Andre show last week, the Public Enemy clock fan has now taken to his Facebook page to slam the comedian, as well as co-host Hannibal Buress, who effectively kicked Flavor Flav in the face to cap off the segment.

"That kick in the face, NEVER HAPPENED," Flavor Flav wrote. "That's some Bullshit editing done to disparage Flav. Yo, Eric Andre — FUCK YOU for that move gee."

To show you exactly what Flav is taking issue with, you can watch a bit of the episode, which aired on Adult Swim, below, where you'll also find the full and totally pissed-off Facebook post.