Flavor Flav Soundtracks America's Decline by Belting "Star-Spangled Banner" at NBA Game

On-key or not, he certainly sang it with gusto

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 30, 2023

We're in the slow fizzling out phase of the American empire, and here's its perfect soundtrack: Flavor Flav singing a pitchy, very enthusiastic and weirdly emotional rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" at an NBA game.

Wearing a Milwaukee Bucks jersey, the Public Enemy member sang the anthem at the Bucks' home game against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday (November 29). While other musicians have played to their own unique strengths — like, say, Jack White performing the anthem on slide guitar — Flavor Flav opted not to rap (or play piano, which he's secretly amazing at). Rather, he belted it out a cappella, complete with flourishes, vocal runs, and a finale where he repeated "of the brave" three times.

This isn't one of those "T-Pain on Tiny Desk" moments where you realize the artist is actually an incredible vocalist. Rather, Flavor Flav is exactly as good a singer as you'd probably expect — but, honestly, let's give credit to the guy for really going for it.

Meanwhile, Flavor Flav has spent the hours since the game replying to tweets about the anthem, calling the moment a "bucket list item."

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