Fans Are Petitioning NBC to Give 'The Ellen Show' to Eric Andre

They want the show's name and set to stay the same, but be hosted by Eric Andre
Fans Are Petitioning NBC to Give 'The Ellen Show' to Eric Andre
It's been a whirlwind few weeks for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. First, it was revealed that executives were being investigated for allegedly fostering a toxic work environment. Then, last week, Ellen herself attempted to calm the storm with an apology. Still, calls to replace or cancel the show have been trending for days, and now a petition to replace Ellen DeGeneres with one Eric Andre is taking off.

By any reasonable metric, The Eric Andre Show is the complete polar opposite of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But a petition to "Make Eric Ellen" has still racked up thousands of signatures.

On, the petition offers the following argument in favour of their cause:

With the recent scandals plaguing Ellen Degeneres, we the people of the world hereby nominate and elect Eric Andre to become the new permanent host of The Ellen Show. Fans have been lining up outside of NBC Studios, Adult Swim, The White House, and for some reason my house too....all chanting: " Get Eric Andre to replace Ellen, keep show format the same. Also don't change the name!! "

These fans keep me up at night, please...for the love of god sign the petition and make Eric Ellen...I NEED SLEEP!!

Eric Andre has himself promoted the petition on his Twitter page, meaning he might be down for the job if by some magnificent stroke of impossible irony this were to happen. 
The toxic workplace discussion surrounding Ellen started when BuzzFeed spoke to one current employee and 10 former employees of the show. Some employees claim they were fired after taking medical leave or bereavement days to attend funerals, while others alleged that executives engaged in racist behaviour behind closed doors.