Your Favorite Enemies "Underneath a Blooming Skylight" (video)

Your Favorite Enemies 'Underneath a Blooming Skylight' (video)
Despite the spelling of their band name, Your Favorite Enemies hail from Canada, and the Montreal-based unit have just unveiled a brand new video.
The clip accompanies the song "Underneath a Blooming Skylight," which appeared on the band's latest LP, Between Illness and Migration.
"It's the vertigo of a big city, the exhilaration of walking within a crowd all talking on their speaker phones, the suffocation of finding yourself isolated underneath a sky that keeps getting lower and lower as the buildings get higher and higher," frontman Alex Foster explained in a statement. "It's two strangers falling in love at the same time without crossing each other's paths, but they only exist in someone else's anonymous and elusive dreams. It's a desire for freedom, voiced in illusionary lovers, that would become real enough to either leave forever or to forever stay."
The visuals, meanwhile, take their cues from psychedelic works of the '60s, New York City's "imaginary subculture" and Andy Warhol's avant-garde movies and muses — particularly Edie Sedgwick.
Take it all in by watching the video premiere of "Underneath a Blooming Skylight" below.