Young Guv Delivers 'GUV I' Track "Patterns Prevail" via New Video

Young Guv Delivers 'GUV I' Track 'Patterns Prevail' via New Video
Ben Cook has spent the last few years fronting No Warning, playing guitar in Fucked Up and collaborating with Terror, but he's ready to reclaim his pop status with a new album from Young Guv. Before GUV I arrives next month, he's shared the new Guv music video for "Patterns Prevail."

Of the song, Cook shared the following statement:

The track is a love letter written by my collaborator Aurora Shields, but dissolved into a song. As long as the patterns in the colours of a rainy summer sky mash together with a glowing streetlight continue to prevail in a bittersweet tangerine tone, so do the patterns in the musical notes of yearning and infatuation, of tenderness and chaos, rapture and combustion. Complimentary patterns of the night and day will always prevail. We are all experiencing sadness and happiness through love, and that's the balance of it. That's life, I suppose.

It's another sun-kissed power pop banger, to be sure, and it arrives via a new video that sees Cook perform in an empty room while puppets dance across a TV screen. The video was directed by Danielle Aphrodite Nemet and features puppetry from Nico Negron. 

GUV I arrives on August 2 via Run for Cover. It marks the first of a two-part album series, with the second instalment due out this fall.