Young Guv "Kelly, I'm Not a Creep" (video)

Young Guv 'Kelly, I'm Not a Creep' (video)
Ben Cook recently released his excellent Ripe 4 Luv LP under the Young Guv moniker, and the album's already been long-listed for the Polaris. Perhaps to celebrate, Cook's cooked up a video and allowed Exclaim! to premiere.

"Kelly, I'm Not a Creep" is one of Ripe 4 Luv's strongest tracks, but its title is not particularly convincing thanks to the voyeuristic video. Cook got his creep on by filming a bookworm as he nibbles on biscuits in a London cafe. "No bookworms were harmed during the making of this artistic expression," the video's YouTube page reads.

Watch the video for "Kelly, I'm Not a Creep" below.