Young Empires "The Gates"

Young Empires 'The Gates'
Toronto-based indie pop crew Young Empires released their Wake All My Youth EP back in 2012, and fans will be pleased to know that they'll finally be following it up with their debut full-length later this year. Before that arrives, though, the band have shared a new single called "The Gates," and Exclaim! has got the Canadian premiere.
A piano-driven melody gets bolstered by hand claps, tribal-sounding background chants, and a healthy dose of synths, eventually building itself into a danceable electro-pop banger.
Despite the song's upbeat sound, the message behind it is a bit more serious. In a statement, the band revealed the track is about overcoming depression and self-doubt by accepting that everything won't always be perfect. "It suggests that by uniting with those around us (that may or not struggle with the same), we can overcome this feeling of isolation that is so commonplace in this world," they said.
That message is clear, as echoes of "You're not alone" ring throughout the entire song. You can get your first listen to the brand new track by hitting play below.