Young Empires

"The Gates" (video) / "Uncover Your Eyes"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Aug 14, 2015

Young Empires' song "The Gates" contains the lyric "heaven is a place I just can't find," but the accompanying video shows that it can be found right here on earth.

The soaring, dramatic pop-rock anthem is accompanied by a gorgeously cinematic shots of sweeping vistas. This beautiful nature footage is intercut with shots of people engaged in religious pursuits like kissing crosses, baptizing kids and holding congregations. There's even one scene where someone swims down to discover the famed Christ of the Abyss underwater statue.

Watch the video below. Additionally, check out the newly unveiled album track "Uncover Your Eyes" which takes a similarly triumphant, lofty approach to grooving folk-rock. Its lyrical reference to the Devil displays a further interest in religiosity.

Young Empires' debut album The Gates is due out on September 4 on Pirates Blend.

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