Wiley Unveils 100% Publishing for Big Dada

Wiley Unveils <i>100% Publishing</i> for Big Dada
While numerous buzz-worthy sub-genres have come and gone since the glory days of grime, some artists have kept the gritty genre afloat. Among them is London-based rapper and producer Wiley, who is gearing up to release his seventh full-length this summer.

The album is called 100% Publishing, which represents the fact that Wiley produced and performed the entire album himself with no guests. A press release explains that "the result is his masterpiece; the freewheeling, uncompromising body of work he's always strived to create. By turns ebullient, reflective and fiery, the lyrics are always masterful, and represent the most cohesively themed Wiley album to date."

Big Dada will release 100% Publishing on July 4. The tracklisting is available below. "Numbers in Action" will be released as the album's first single on May 16.

100% Publishing:

 1. "Information Age"

2. "100% Publishing"

3. "Numbers In Action"

4. "Boom Boom Da Na"

5. "Your Intuition"

6. "I Just Woke Up"

7. "Wise Man and His Words"

8. "Pink Lady"

9. "Yonge Street (1,178 miles long)"

10. "Up There"

11. "Talk About Life"

12. "To Be Continued"