The Whore Moans Hello From Radio Wasteland

The Whore Moans listen to a lot of the Replacements. Not that that's a bad thing, in fact with songs like "White Noise Melody," this Seattle four-piece wear the influence on their sleeve. But the band still know how to rock, as evidenced on album opener "Nerve Tonic," which kicks off with swagger-fuelled rock'n'roll before breaking into a doo-wop breakdown. All of this is demonstrative of what makes the Whore Moans great: they keep you guessing and you'll never expect what's coming (check out punked-up sea shanty "Dead Man's Drink"), which makes for a great listening experience. The Whore Moans have that elusive ability to combine different sounds into something that works well as a whole and as a result, there's something for everyone on this disc. (Mt. Fuji)