Watch Kurt Vile Cover John Prine's "Sam Stone"

He had played it with the late songwriting legend in 2018
Watch Kurt Vile Cover John Prine's 'Sam Stone'
Over the weekend, Kurt Vile took part in the "Love Ffom Philly Live" coronavirus fundraiser, performing virtually alongside the War on Drugs, G. Love and many more. Now, his cover of a John Prine staple from the evening has hit the internet.

Joining the broadcast from his basement, Vile performed Prine's "Sam Stone" to close out his three-song set. You can watch him play the song — with a strategically placed vinyl copy of Prine's German Afternoons over his right shoulder — in the player below around the 10-minute mark.

As you'll also find below, Vile had previously performed the song live with Prine at a 2018 show in Philadelphia.

"I'd get starstruck and kinda awkward around John," Vile recalled to Vulture last month. "He'd be talking, and telling me all these wonderful stories from way back, and it was like everything he said was just rushing by me. I couldn't hear any of it, because my brain was flying. I was so nervous, but everything he said hit me later.

He added: "I was in the studio with him recently, and he said, 'You know I love singing with you, Kurt,' as if it was something we did all the time. That was really wild, and it meant a lot to me."

Prine passed away in April due to complications from COVID-19. He was 73.