Watch Some Guy Propose to His Girlfriend While Limp Bizkit Play "Break Stuff"

Everything is fucked, everybody sucks (but you)

Photo: E. Carter Sterling

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 26, 2024

It was just one of those days at the UK's Download Festival, when a man proposed to his goth gf during Limp Bizkit's set.

The nu metal outfit played the Leicestershire fest on Sunday (June 24), and the man, named Mitch, decided the perfect time to pop the question was during the build-up to the climax of "Break Stuff."

A video posted to Mitch's TikTok shows him getting on one knee in the mud as Fred Durst shouts, "Limp Bizkit is in the house, motherfucker!" As the song builds, his partner says yes, and they have a teary, heartfelt moment. It's genuinely very sweet — congratulations to the happy couple! Watch it unfold below. 

@mitch_the_uwu She said yes!!! So excited to be @trashgoblintattooing husband!! #proposal #engaged #downloadfestival @Limp Bizkit ♬ original sound - Mitch uWu

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