Wale "The Matrimony (Making Plans)" (ft. Usher)

Wale 'The Matrimony (Making Plans)' (ft. Usher)
Despite the title of Wale's upcoming Album About Nothing, the upcoming full-length appears to be, at least in part, about the rapper's intimacy issues. This is judging by the latest sneak peek from the set, a wedding bells-questioning rap ballad called "The Matrimony (Making Plans)."

Before Wale waxes philosophical on relationships, Usher puts his velvety touch on the tune with a hook that has him making plans with his one and only. Wale hops on the track to admit he's not so sure about the concept of marriage, spits about how it's hard for him to grow close to someone, and weighs in on love and money. On the topic of a heartbreak, he notes that he "went from drunk and in love to drunk and falling apart." Here's hoping he's recouped.

Album About Nothing officially lands March 31 through Maybach Music Group.