VNV Nation Futureperfect

Futureperfect offers 12 songs from London electronic duo VNV (Victory Not Vengeance) Nation, and it surprised me, as it had more of a pop feel than I expected, with some of the catchier songs staying with you after just one listen. Ronan Harris's vocals have that intoxicating Wolfsheim edge with a touch of Richard Butler's rasp, reminding one of so many great English pop songs of the past. The flow of the disc is broken up with a few classical moments here and there, with one being a gorgeous arrangement of the classical piece "Liebestod." This contrast of organic instruments with the staccato and chrome of the electronics works swimmingly and makes for a unique treatment of an electronic disc. The instrumental "Electronaut" displays their synth and rhythm programming abilities, while their song writing is brilliantly displayed in the painful sweetness that is "Holding On" - a song that will make even the spooky kids want to slow dance. Don't get me wrong, however, Futureperfect is not without a few numbers to get your toes tapping and your internal bpm racing. (Metropolis)