Underoath / Moneen / Silverstein / He is Legend Croatian Cultural Centre, Vancouver BC - September 14, 2006

This show was summer’s final fling, the burning ember that keeps you going even after the skies turn grey and the snow begins to fall. The line-up was strong, with all four bands appealing to the same audience, but also diverse enough to not just be listening to the same sound all night. After standing in line for over an hour, the crowd was greeted with the growls and fairytales of He is Legend, who lit the spark on stage. Moneen strutted their stuff next and although it was a clean, tight set, the band didn’t deliver as energetically or passionately as they have in the past, making their set less memorable amongst all the other action. Sound problems ran rampant and delayed Silverstein’s start, but people were called, things were done and the show commenced with an action-packed set by the boys from Ontario. The set ran fairly smoothly until singer Shane Told decided to do a bit of crowd surfing that ended with him nearly getting trampled in the mosh pit after a glorious moment of singing while sinking to the floor. With a bit of help from the security, he managed to get back up on stage and keep going. Underoath took the stage next to a crowd chanting their name and flashing lights, and raised the bar to a whole new level — no one, not even drummer Aaron Gillespie, stops moving during the entire set, which ended up equating nearly an hour of playing time. The crowd was singing along, swarming and screaming with Spencer Chamberlain’s resounding growls, giving just as much as the boys on stage. The band spoke of how they weren’t sure they’d make it on stage tonight but worked out their communication problems, so this night’s show meant a lot to them before breaking into their three-song encore, which took the roof off the venue and had every Underoath fan singing along with their heart and hoarse voices.