Torquil Campbell Leaves Bandcamp, Adopts Direct-to-Customer Model

“no more middlemen for me"

Photo courtesy of the artist

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jan 22, 2024

Onetime industry darling Bandcamp has had a bit of a fall from grace since its buyout and layoffs last year. Now, in an interesting shift away from the platform, Stars vocalist Torquil Campbell has now explained that he’s pulling all of his music from Bandcamp and instead focusing on direct-to-consumer sales.

On Twitter/X (speaking of online platforms that have fallen from grace…) on January 18, Campbell wrote, "no more middlemen for me." He shared a link to his personal website, writing, "i have tons of music. it's all for sale. you want ten songs i made? 12 bucks. i'll send you the mp3s. you pay when you get them. don't worry, i trust you. you're my customer."


Funnily enough, the "shop" section of the website still points back to Bandcamp as of this writing — but there's a contact form on the site, so it’s easy enough to reach out to Campbell directly. You'll need to know which of his albums you want to buy, since his discography isn’t listed on the site.

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