Toronto's Alyson McNamara Throws an "After Hours" Party on New Single

Hear the latest cut from 'Let Me Sleep'
Toronto's Alyson McNamara Throws an 'After Hours' Party on New Single
Toronto dream-folk artist Alyson McNamara is gearing up to release a new album called Let Me Sleep, and she's just shared a video for the new single "After Hours."

The song is a peaceful folk rock tune with reverb-soaked guitar riffs and soft, sighing vocals. Despite the track's mellow vibe, it was inspired by a time of heartbreak and partying.

McNamara said in a statement, "It's about a time in my life when I was going to lots of after hours parties, meeting people that I wasn't deeply connecting with, and, ultimately, trying to find myself amidst all the flashing lights and darkness. I was navigating my way through my first heartbreak."

The accompanying video is a surreal fever dream of caterpillar costumes, domestic plants and blowing bubbles. It was directed by the songwriter herself along with Thom Varey.

Let Me Sleep will come out on June 4 through Ghost Pepper Records, the new label launched by Tokyo Police Club frontman Dave Monks. The album was produced by Daniel McNamara at Toronto's Taurus Recording.