Tom DeLonge Just Sang on His Very First EDM Song

A new collaborative track from Illenium and Angels & Airwaves is out now

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 23, 2020

Further proof that he's willing to do absolutely anything as long as it's not related to Blink-182, movie-directing alien hunter Tom DeLonge has sung on his very first EDM song.

The track arrives via Chicago future bass artist Illenium, and it's somehow credited to both Tom and Angels & Airwaves

While it's called "Paper Thin," the song is actually predictably massive as it layers Tom's U2-lite musicianship with synths and big, dumb bass sounds. DeLonge's voice is in a slightly lower register than usual ("Dick Lips" this ain't), fitting it well within his mid-period AVA catalogue.

Listen to "Paper Thin" below and stay tuned for Tom to turn the song into an anime or a young-adult novel series or something. 

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