Tom DeLonge Is Directing a Coming-of-Age Sci-Fi Movie About Pop-Punk Teens

"The camaraderie, curiosity, angst and irreverence is everything that lead me to Blink-182"

BY Josiah HughesPublished Oct 7, 2020

From cakes to the History Channel to Donald Trump's desk, Tom DeLonge has recently been everywhere (other than in the band Blink-182). Up next, the pop-punk lifer will take a turn in the director's chair as he helms a new coming-of-age film.

As Deadline reports, DeLonge is set to direct a new movie called Monsters of California, which he co-wrote with Ian Miller. The film will star Richard Kind (Curb Your Enthusiasm), as well as Casper Van Dien, Arianne Zucker, Gabrielle Haugh, Camille Kostek, Jack Samson, Jared Scott and Jack Lancaster.

The film is described as "a coming-of-age adventure with a science fiction twist that follows teenager Dallas Edwards, played by Samson, and his derelict friends on a quest for the meaning behind a series of mysterious, paranormal events in Southern California. The truths they uncover begin to unravel extraordinary secrets held tightly within the deepest levels of the Government."

DeLonge shared the following statement about the film:

I have been playing this story in my dreams for decades. It represents all aspects of my strange existence, including growing up in San Diego suburbia as a disaffected teenage skateboarder. I had a tight tribe of friends who never missed an opportunity to piss people off and made me laugh so hard I would cry. The camaraderie, curiosity, angst and irreverence is everything that lead me to Blink-182 and this story is layered with my obsession with the tightly blurred lines between science and science fiction.

The film is being produced by the Cartel, who are also behind Shudder's Creepshow and Syfy's Day of the Dead.

So far, there is no firm release date for Monsters of California.

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