Tim Hecker


BY Daniel SylvesterPublished May 8, 2019

Last year, Tim Hecker released the most adventurous album of his career simply by sticking to a formula. His followup, Anoyo, contains six tracks taken from the same sessions as 2018's Konoyo, and features the Montreal artist's continued exploration of Japanese classical music instrumentation and taiko drumming.
As expected, much of Anoyo sounds like the material found on Konoyo, but Hecker uses his brilliant aptitude for sequencing to assure his tenth album flows like a singular piece. "That World" and "Not Alone" utilize thundered polyrhythms overtop sweeping synthesizers that perfectly encapsulate the directional oeuvre Hecker was trying to create with these pieces.
The appropriately titled "Step Away from Konoyo" uses the same patient, vibrating melodies that have defined his earlier compositions, expertly demonstrating why his last two works have been far from novelty. But it's the way Hecker weaves in texture, tone and layers of sound together to create often ominous and foreboding pieces that makes tracks like the yearning "Into the Void" and the delicate "You Never Were" some of the most emotionally charged music of his career.
On Anoyo, Tim Hecker stretches out his heady winning streak for another 32 striking and captivating minutes.

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