This Song Is the First to Sample Cannabis Plants

Canadians anders and FrancisGotHeat join Rich the Kid on "Sticky Situation"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Oct 17, 2019

Today marks a full calendar year since Canada officially legalized cannabis, and to mark the occasion, Canadians anders and FrancisGotHeat have joined Rich the Kid on a new single that samples sounds from actual weed plants.

The trio have linked up for "Sticky Situation," which you can experience alongside a suitably spacy video below. The track arrives through eOne in conjunction with the Snoop Dogg-founded cannabis lifestyle platform Merry Jane.

As shown in a behind-the-scenes video (also below), samples of the cannabis were created by running a range of electrical currents through the plants themselves, which were then turned into MIDI data.

From there, the recordings were converted into instrument sounds for FrancisGotHeat to manipulate within his DAW of choice. As he recalled in a statement, "The sounds and signals from the plant are very abstract so it definitely forced me to try things creatively to make it work."

"I talk about weed in a lot of my songs," Rich the Kid added, "So, when they told me they wanted FrancisGotHeat to make the beat out of sounds from their weed plant, I was with it for sure. It was dope working with Snoop, Merry Jane and anders on making this record!"

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